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Here’s what’s Here's what's new on the Lango V2 (also known as New Lango Experience):


We have rewritten our translator from scratch to support high translation workloads. The new translator is capable of handling can handle thousands of simultaneous translations and translating translate very long pages (> 100.000 chars).

With the new translator, we are able to We can guarantee stable and reliable translations even for the larger more significant Confluence instances.

Translations status monitoring


Copy existing pages

The new “Copy "Copy existing pages” pages" operation allows you to copy an existing page in Confluence and link to it as a translation of another page.


  • Albanian

  • Armenian

  • Azerbaijani

  • Bosnian

  • Catalan

  • Georgian

  • Gujarati

  • Haitian

  • Lao

  • Macedonian

  • Malagasy

  • Malayalam

  • Maori

  • Persian

  • Samoan

  • Serbian

Note: new languages are not supported by the DeepL provider does not support new languages.

Sync translations

We've drastically reduced the amount of manual work required to keep translations up-to-date. With the The new experience , allows you can now to easily synchronize translations with the original content. You no longer need to delete the translation and recreate it from scratch.


If you have a single outdated translation, you can click on the single sync button:


If you want to sync all translations, you can use the bulk sync button. This will trigger the synchronization of all translations at once.


See more at Sync translations.

Quick edit or delete translations

You Thanks to the new quick commands, you can now quickly edit or delete a translation without closing Lango's interface, thanks to the new quick commands.


Security & Performance improvement

Lango is now served by Cloudflare's global CDN. This step allowed us to significantly improve the app's performance significantly. The app now also enjoys advanced protection from external attacks such as DDOS.