Quick Start


First, install Lango Add On from the Atlassian Marketplace.

1. Set the page language

Open the page you want to translate and click on Translations link under the page title to open the Lango Switcher. You can access the Lango Switcher on each page or blog post.

Set the language for the current page and click on the check button to confirm.

You can now create new translations or you can link existing pages as translations.

2 Create a new translation

Open the Lango Switcher and select New translation to open the Creator Tool.


The creator tool will create a new page linked as a translation. You can choose to write a new translation from scratch or to enable the auto-translation feature.

The automatic translation feature requires an external translation provider, like Google Translate or Deepl. To enable this feature, please refer to our administration configuration guide.


Space / Parent: Select a space and a parent page (optional) for the new translation.

Translate: Select if you want to translate the source page automatically. Your administrator must configure one translation provider to enable it.
Note: this is currently a beta feature and may create unintended behaviours.

Provider: You can choose your preferred translator provider for the translation

Title: You can choose to translate automatically the title or not. Make sure that the page title is unique inside the selected space.



Select Create. Lango will create a new page and will redirect you to the editor. Check your translation or add your localized content. When you're done publish the page.


Lango cannot translate third-party macros. This is a know limitation due to technical and security restrictions made by Atlassian to marketplace add-ons that we cannot circumvent.

Lango does not translate also images and attachments.


Your new page has been linked as a translation. You can now switch from one language to another using the language tools popup. If you want to add a new translation, return to the first page: you can add translations only from the original content page.

3. Edit links or link an existing page as a translation

Return to the original page, open the Lango Switcher and select Link pages.

With the Linker Tool, you can link or unlink existing pages as translations.

4. Reset settings

If you're having trouble, try to reset the translation settings on the Linker tool. The reset will erase the language settings on all linked pages. The procedure will not delete any content.


Please contact us at our customer support portal or by email at support@adapps.atlassian.net if you have any issue or if you want to request a new feature.