Using Configurations

This feature is under open beta access and may be subject to sudden changes without notification.
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Translation Configurations are a new way to speed up your translation operations by creating Lango global shared settings.

By using configurations, your users will save time during translation operations, as most options will be set by the administrator and already selected by default.

Lango Configurations is an experimental feature. We will add more presets during future updates.

How to create a global configuration

  • Access the Languages & Translator control panel (Confluence admin permission required)

  • Click on the "New configuration" button.

Create your configuration by choosing your preferred settings and clicking Save.







Name of the configuration



The external translator provider. The provider must already be configured and active. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the configuration during translation operations.



If the provider supports Glossaries, you can select those to activate. Lango will automatically select the glossary based on the source and target language during translation.

Translate title


Enable this option if you want to translate both the page title and content.

Confluence requires unique titles within each space. If the translated title matches an existing page, the translation will fail.



Select the usage of the Configuration.

  • Add "New Translations" if you want your users to use this configuration when translating.

  • Add "Synchronizations" if you want Lango to use this configuration during the synchronization of outdated translations.

  • Add “Automations” if you want Lango use this configuration in all automation rules.

Recommended option: Unless specifically needed, create a single configuration and activate all usage options. This configuration will ensure consistency in your translations and subsequent synchronizations.

How to use global configurations

Lango will use a configuration as the default choice within the translation panel if there is at least one active global configuration. The set of options available to the user will be significantly reduced as they are already present within the configuration.

You can select the "Custom" option from the configurations menu if you have special requirements. In this case, the user can set custom parameters within each setting.