Lango Automation

This feature is under open beta access and may be subject to sudden changes without notification.

Lango Automation empowers you to focus on the work that matters, removing the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks by allowing your teams to automate language management workflows.

Lango Automation is a project in continuous development. We will constantly be adding new automation rules to the gallery and the ability to create fully customized rules soon.

Enable Automation feature

Before using the feature, you must enable it from the Confluence administration panel. (Confluence admin permission required).

Automations are enabled at the space level. This gives you flexible management and more control capabilities. You can decide, for example, to enable automation only in one space or to use different automation in different spaces.

How to enable the feature:

  • Access the Lango Automation control panel. (Confluence Settings → Lango App → Automation)

  • Select the spaces in which you want to enable automation.

  • Click Save

Create a translation config for automation

For automation to work, you must associate a translation configuration.
The configuration specifies the settings Lango Automation should use during translation operations, such as the provider, glossaries, or title translation. You can read more detailed information about configurations here:

  • Access the Languages & Translator control panel (Confluence Settings → Lango App → Automation)

  • If you have not yet created a configuration, create a new one with your preferred setting.

  • Associates the configuration by adding "automations" among the permitted usages.


Enable automation rules on your space

All users with administration permissions on the enabled spaces can set the automation rules.

To add or change automation rules on a space, access the space settings and click on Lango settings.


On this panel, you can activate or modify the automation rules applied to the space. In this gallery, you will find a set of default rules selected by Lango. More will be coming soon, including the ability to create custom rules.

Would you like to add a new rule or suggest improvements? Contact us; we will be happy to hear your feedback!


Need help, or do you want to suggest a new feature?

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