Link existing pages

If you want to reuse existing translations on your Confluence, you can link them to a page. This operation will enable the navigation between page languages by the Lango Switcher or Lango Macro.

To link an existing page as a translation:

  • Open the Lango Control Panel within the page that hosts the original content

  • Select the “Link existing page” operation

  • Set the translation language

  • Search and select the page you wish to link to

  • Click on the Add button

Your page is now linked as a translation, and your user can navigate it.

You can deactivate the link if you no longer need a translation but still want to keep it for future use. Users can no longer reach a translation via the switcher or the macro when unlinked.

To unlink a translation:

  • Open the Lango control panel within the page that hosts the original content;

  • Click on the unlink button on the line of the translation you want to unlink. You can link the translation again at any time.

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